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Community Led Plan 2022

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Walton Parish Council would like to update and develop our Community Led Plan for the future of the whole parish over the next 10 years. To achieve this, we need to gather the ideas and views of everyone living in Walton Parish. This survey is intended to gather this information. Having this information is essential for developing a plan that meets the future needs of the whole community.

If possible, everyone, of whatever age, in the parish is encouraged to add their comments to this survey. All information gathered will be treated in confidence. You do not need to answer all the questions.

If you prefer to make your views known verbally there will be opportunities to do so. These opportunities will be advertised on the Parish website and Facebook page and on noticeboards within the Parish.

If you prefer, you can download a pdf file to print and complete by hand.
Completed forms can be left in the box at the Village Hall or can be posted to the Clerk at
Hillcrest, Cannon Field, Roadhead, Carlisle CA6 6NB.
Please ensure all returns are received by Sunday 5 June 2022.

Each of the answer boxes in this online form has a limit of 1200 characters - about 200 words.

Where do you live?

What age group do you belong to?


Sense of Community

What do you love about living in Walton Parish?

Would you say that you belong to a community, if so, how would you describe it?
(eg Parish, village, school, Church, neighbourhood etc.)



We live in a wonderful natural environment; how could this be enhanced?
Consider the management of our green spaces, biodiversity, wildlife, etc.



We live in a rapidly changing world with regard to the supply of energy, rising food costs and the use of natural resources.
What can we do as a Parish to help provide a more sustainable future for households and businesses?  Consider for example household heating, water supply, vehicle requirements etc.


Community Facilities

Community facilities in Walton Parish include the Village Hall, Reading Room, Church, Tea Room, Post Office, Bus Shelter and Village Green.
How could we make more use of these facilities?


Community Services

Community services include refuse collection, recycling, public transport, grass cutting, drainage, playpark maintenance, internet connectivity, tree maintenance, lifelong learning etc.
What value do these services have to you and how can these be developed?


Visitors and Tourism

We are lucky to live in a location on Hadrian's Wall. How can we best accommodate the needs of visitors whilst managing the balance between their needs and the life of the parish?


Traffic and Parking

How could traffic and/or parking be better managed in the parish?



How would you prefer to find out about what is going on in the parish?


After considering all these areas, please rank them 1 to 8 in order of their importance to you, where 1 is most important and 8 is least important.


Any other comments you may have


and finally ...

How do you see life in Walton in 10 years' time?



Thank you for your comments.

Please keep an eye on the Parish noticeboards, Facebook page, newsletter or website for details of how the information gathered in this survey will be shared with everyone in the Parish later in the year.